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ArtYatra : Anjali Sapra

Anjali Sapra’s tryst with art began many years ago. A keen interest in the visual arts from an early age, led to a study of Indian art forms. The intricacies of Mughal miniatures, the earthy hues of Worli painting and the rich cultural heritage of India have all profoundly influenced her.

She worked at Triveni Kala Sangam from 2001- 2005, subsequently training under a senior artist. This association took her back to the roots and the earlier study of Indian art. The origins of natural pigments, the creation of colour, turning mundane substances into shimmering hues and using them on blank canvas, all led to an evolution in her thinking, making her work relate inspirationally to nature and the essence of being, expressing the spiritual struggle of humanity yearning to reach upwards into the light.


The inspiration continues to source itself from the wellspring of nature and the simple realities of the everyday world. Trees, birds, fish and lotus blooms - all are metaphors for depiction of the complexity of human endeavor against the simplicity of the existence of primal life forms.

Her journey of self - expression and self exploration winds its way to the gradual juxtaposition of the possibilities of human enlightenment through the balance of the self on the palette of nature. The expression of the human spirit, its freedom, the splendor of its existence and the celebration of its immortality are transferred onto her canvases.

Anjali Sapra works in layers, texturing the canvas as she imbues it with colour. There is extensive use of Gold and Silver foil as well as natural pigments, which are freshly made each time they are used. She has worked with a variety of media: using vegetable dyes and gouache on handmade paper, egg tempera, charcoal, pen and ink and oil and acrylic on canvas.

Literally and metaphorically, her work has to be viewed on various levels.

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